Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New (to us) car

We purchased a 2005 Jeep Liberty Limited CRD (common rail diesel) last week.

Motor -- VM Motori 2.8L inline 4 cyl turbo diesel. It gets 22/27 MPG.
160 hp @ 3800 rpm
295 lb/ft torque @ 1,800 rpm.
0-60 time: 10.1 seconds

The CRD weighs 4,300 lbs.

The CRD comes with Selec-Trac 4WD. The Selec-Trac transfer case gives you the choice of 2 wheel drive, Part-time 4WD (all wheel drive), Full-time 4WD (standard 4X4 drive), and 4 wheel drive low-range. The Selec-Trac option means you can run in 4wd all the time on dry surface if you want to.

On cold start this vehicle sounds like a diesel. After warm up, it sounds like a diesel when you need power, but at idle it is hard to tell from the cab. The diesel smell is not very evident in an open area. In the garage, the smell is a little more noticeable, but not much different from a gas powered car running in the garage. There is a lot of power in this diesel. More than once have I squawked the tires leaving an intersection. Thanks to the Turbo, this I4 diesel is quick off the line.

Overall, I like it so far. Fuel efficient, powerful, sporty, and practical. My wife loves it, my kids love it, and the dogs love it.